IQ SmartSite Plugin – Let It Begin…

by 12 July, 2015IQ SmartSite, Plugins, Work0 comments

We’ve begun writing a plugin called IQ SmartSite to provide a simpler connection between a printer’s WordPress based site and their printIQ MIS system, specifically to access their product prices through the IQconnect SmartSite module.

At the moment, this project is at the interesting stage of setting out the goals and scope of the plugin without actually knowing for sure how the SmartSite module works. Let’s not let that stop us though.

The basic goals are:

  • bring all repetitive linking information (API keys, printIQ server) in to a centralised settings panel
  • enable styling based on current WordPress theme settings
  • create a Shortcode to make adding the printIQ quote onto the WordPress product page as simple as possible.

These goals – along with the plugin scope – will in all likelihood flex and change as we progress. Needless to say, at this point in time the plugin does nothing. We’re hoping to have a beta version out within the next few weeks and a stable version within a few weeks of that.


Mark P.