IQ SmartSite WordPress Plugin


Created to enable a simple link between WordPress based sites and printIQ’s SmartSite Connector.

This plugin removes a lot of the repetitive coding required to add printIQ’s SmartSite connector to your WordPress-based webpage. By leveraging the benefits of shortcodes and centralising the common options such as API keys and the appearance of the SmartSite connector to a unified settings page, the IQconnect SmartSite plugin enables you to concentrate more on getting your product information pages correct.

This plugin is very much in the alpha stage of development – it does stuff all – but will be under intense development in the coming weeks and months.

A printIQ install with the IQconnect SmartSite module enabled is a prerequisite.

This is not a project of IQ Australia and is not supported by them.

Other Notes


Because the plugin is currently unreleased, support is non-existent. If you’re interested in this plugin, contact me through the contact page. If you’re interested in printIQ, contact IQ Australia.

IQ SmartSite v0.1

The first milestone – version 0.1 – is complete. It's nothing spectacular so far, but it does work. This version has: Shortcode support [iq-smartsite]. Default variables set within code, but overridable on a per implementation basis. At the...

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IQ SmartSite Plugin – Let It Begin…

We’ve begun writing a plugin to provide a simpler connection between a printer’s WordPress based site and their printIQ MIS system, specifically to access their product prices through the IQconnect SmartSite module.

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