IQ SmartSite v0.1

by 17 August, 2015IQ SmartSite, Plugins, Work0 comments

The first milestone – version 0.1 – is complete. It’s nothing spectacular so far, but it does work. This version has:

  • Shortcode support [iq-smartsite].
  • Default variables set within code, but overridable on a per implementation basis.

At the moment, that’s it. Next step is to pull at least the appKey and the userId out of being hard coded and into a settings page. That means navigating the intricacies of the WordPress Settings API. So far that’s looking almost impenetrable. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a clearer explanation of it than on WordPress’ own Codex.

If you’re looking for it, you’re currently out of luck. You can see an implementation of it on the Print HQ Online site. Just a word of caution though, it does take you through to a live site for ordering and Photo ID’s aren’t the cheapest things.


Mark P.